Can I add my iPhone to my perpetual service that I have already purchased??

I purchased the perrpetual version of WebRoot, and I am wondering if I can now add my iPhone 5c to this plan?? If so, how do I do this??

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Hello gfcaudill, welcome to the Community!
I do not know what version of WSA you have, nor how many device licenses, but the apps are of course in the iTunes store.
Here are a few links to help!
I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any more questions or problems.
I do not believe that i added any other devices other than my laptop. Is there a way for me to see the cost of adding my iPhone to my perpetual account for my laptop??
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Well, what specific version are you using on your laptop?
  • WSA-AV?
  • WSA-Internet Security?
  • WSA-Complete?
  • WSA-Best Buy Subscription?
I am using Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection v
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Are you the owner of the Endpoint license or are you an assigned user by the owner, such as your workplace?
If you are the owner, and have admin control, there is a pretty good chance that your license is for more than one device as itis.  You can try it by simply installing the Business Mobile app. 
Log into your Console and go to the Mobile tab for more information on the download and install.
IF you have no seats currently available on your Endpoint license, you will probably have to contact Webroot Sales on Monday.  They would be closed for the weekend.
Yes,  I am the owner of this license. It has been the best money I've spent since I purchased my laptop.
I will try to locate the tab and download/install after I finish these tests for my classes.
Thank you for your help
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If you have problems locating the Mobile area as well as the download/install instructions within the Endpont Console, let me know.  I do not know the directions by memory, but I can log into my Endpoint console to grab screen shots if need be 🙂
I do have a small problem, since I have never created a profile, I need to input the key code in which I only have 4 of the 20 numbers required to make a profile. Is there a hiding spot where I can locate the key code, or should I contact customer support???
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Open WSA
Click My Account
They key code and subscription type should be listed there 🙂
I found that page, but it is only sowing me 4 digits out of the 20. I am pretty sure that a key code will not have 16 * symbols
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Are you able to get into Advanced Settings?
Open WSA
Click Advanced Settings at the upper right corner
On the left click Access Control
In the right panel, uncheck Hide Key Code On Screen
That will allow the key code to fully show.
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I am just checking in to see if you were able to get into the Advanced Settings?
If you are not able to get into the Advanced Settings, or are unable to change settings, your Policies settings in the Console may be blocking it.  As I recall it is a default to block access to the Advanced Settings on the Endpoints.
If you are familiar with adjusting existing policies or creating a new one for the specific permissions you need, you may need to do so.  You might want to consult the User Guide for Endpoint Protection Administrators for help with Policy and Group management.
While I am familiar with this, my experience with the Endpoint system is on a trial basis and thus very limited.  If you need help with Policy and Group management beyond the User Guide, you will want to submit a Trouble TIcket to have more expert assistance than I can give here.  Webroot Support is free with your valid license.
I have found out where to see how many seats you have on your existing license, and how to see how much an upgrade to add additional seats will be.
Log into the Console
Click your email address at the upper right
Click Manage Key Codes on the drop down
This will show how many total seats you have a license for, including Mobile protection seats.
To obtain additional seats, click the Upgrade link
I hope all of this helps!
that was great help, but i need to get in contact with the company that installed my webroot into my laptop and ask them for the key code, soi can also have access to the settings and the web console.