can I scan my yahoo e mail message file with Webroot?????

  • 27 December 2014
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Can I scan my yahoo e mail message file ????

3 replies

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Only when you download to your PC. WSA doesn't waste time untill it's on your system then just right click on the file and see if there is a detection if not check it here: then check it here: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
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Did you mean to post in iOS forum if so ignore my reply above maybe @ can answer this one just in case as iOS doesn't allow AV's to run on iOS!
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Hello wmpca,
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As @ has mentioned there isn't an Webroot Antivirus scan for IOS.
You can go here to check out  Secure Web for IOS.
If you look Here and  here at our Knowledge Base artilcle it will explain a few things for you as what ius available for the IOS.
I myself have Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete which comes with Backup & Sync and Password Mananger.
You can install Webroot SecureWeb Browser from the Apple Store. According to the description Webroot SecureWeb browser is able to block malicious sites, use tabs for faster browsing, and to see which serach results from Google,Yahoo, Bing are the safest to explore. But it doesn't scan emails or for virues. The best thing to do is keep your IOS up to date with Apple updates.
Webroot doesn't have an Antivirus for Apple  IOS, the iOS apps are not anti-virus applications, sorry to say!
Hope this helps and please forgive for this overly long reply.
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