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  • 20 July 2012
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I downloaded the free app for my new Galaxy III. Worked like a charm. I can check the app and see the message "you are protected". Perfect. I installed the free app for my iPad 2. No joy. I never got any requests to synch it with my account. It shows it is installed but I don't have any idea what else I should see to be sure. Should I see messages like I do on my phone to let me know it is "protected"? When I look at my account, the only device that shows is the phone. Somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong or not doing.

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Hi there KB,
I'd like to be the first to Welcome you to the Webroot Community :D
The Webroot SecureAnywhere applications for iOS devices differ from those we offer` for Android.  This is due to the closed ecosystem of the iOS.  We do hope to offer an antivirus product in the future.  What you do get with SecureAnywhere for iOS devices is the SecureWeb app which provides the following protection:
  • Secure web browsing
  • Malicious site blocking
  • Safe search
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Annotated search results
You can also download the Webroot SecureSync application from the Apple App Store which
allows you to access all your synchronized files, music, and photos stored on other computers and devices.
I hope this better explains things for you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to post them and we would be happy to help.  Here is the top level Forum for our iOS products which provides you with a lot of other information .  https:///t5/Webroot-Mobile-for-iOS/bd-p/ios-trouble
Thank you for the welcome, Howard. So, even though I don't see any kind of update on the iPad, the app is there and doing its thing. And I don't need to do anything with it. It doesn't give me any kind of update should it come across something? Is there a symbol I should see to verify it is there? I see the green w only when I open the app and that is the only place it appears on the iPad.
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Based on your description of the app, it sounds like you're running Webroot SecureWeb.  It's a web browser.  It is not an antivirus app.  Its purpose is to be used in place of Safari to provide a safer browsing experience.  The application does nothing unless it is in use, so no, just having it on the phone and never using it doesn't help you.  I would encourage you to take look at the user guide.
If you tap into the address bar and enter a web address, you will notice it takes you to web sites.  The features Howard mentioned above are used during the process of browsing the internet via the app.
This thread is related to your question as well if you have further questions about why we do not have an "antivirus app" for iDevices.
Thanks for the input, JimM. I can see, and use, the app on my phone. I have it set to scan daily. My question is what the app on the iPad does. I can't make any selections for how often it scans or see if it is actually doing anything. It says it is installed. That's it.
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The reason you do not see it scanning on your iPad because it doesn't scan your iPad.  That is not a function of the app.  Did you look at the user guide we linked you to?
The only apps from us that are available on iDevices are SecureSync and SecureWeb.
SecureWeb is a web browser that has all of the features Howard listed above.  It actively protects you from visiting malicious websites when you use it as your browser.
SecureSync is a backup and sychronization program that helps users already subscribed to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for their PC to transport files to the iDevice and vice-versa.  If that is the app you are referring to, please see the user guide for it here.  You must have a subscription to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for that app to work for you.