how do I load my webroot protection into my iphone 4s

  • 21 May 2015
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how do i load my webroot protection into my iphone 4s

8 replies

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Apple will not allow AV's to run on iOS so you can use the Free SecureWeb Browser and if you have the Complete version you can install the Back Up & Sync and Password manager in Secureweb Browser!
And this is for Business users:
I will ping our Mac, iOS expert @ so she can add more info!
Daniel 😉
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Hello @,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Well it looks like TripleHelix has you covered but lets make sure we cover all bases.
Depending on what Webroot version you have. Please look here for comparibles.
Here's an KB article that you can look at for information! Please have a look here as well.
To download the SecureWeb app:
  1. If you have not yet created a Webroot account, go to Click Sign up now to begin creating the account.  
  2. Open the App Store on your device and search for “Webroot SecureWeb.” Tap to install the app. Alternately, you can download and install the SecureWeb app from iTunes at:  
  3. Enter your Apple ID password. The SecureWeb app opens and installs on your device. Once installed, you will see the Webroot SecureWeb icon on your Home panel. Tap this icon to open the app.  
  4. To access Password Management functions, ( which is only if you have Webroot Internet Secuirty Plus) tap the key icon in the SecureWeb toolbar. Enter your SecureAnywhere user name and password. This is the same login that you use to access your Webroot account at If you have not yet created a Webroot account, go to Click Sign up now and complete your registration. When SecureWeb validates your Webroot credentials, a green checkmark appears above the key icon.  
  5. For more information, see Webroot SecureWeb for iOS Help.
 If you  encounter any issues, it's possible the issue could be related to the permissions granted to your account.  To check your account permissions, sign into, click your email address at the top right of the console, click Manage Users, and click the little person with the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.  Ensure that all of the values for your user are set to either Access or Admin level and that there are checks in the Passwords and Passwords Services boxes.  If anything is not set to that level and cannot be changed or a box is not checked and the value cannot be changed, please let us know.
IIf you are still having issues then you can submit a Support Ticket and they can look into this for you free of charge woith an active subscription.
Kind Regards,
Thank you
Very helpful
I have a virus on my phone
We root says I can have it on three devices but it's not working on my iPhone so I can scan it and get rid of the viruses
I have the icon but needs a invite code from the administrator
Am I the administrator ? And if so that when I go into control passwords to do ?
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Hello @,
I'm sorry to say this but you have got the Business version of Webroot because the business version needs a invitation code. @ You will need to uninstall the Webroot Business version and install Secure Web Browser. from the Apple Store.
At this time, there is not an antivirus option available for Apple iOS devices. Because of how Apple manages the apps available in their App Store, there is not a need for one currently. This may change in the future but at this time is is extremly hard/almost impossible to infect an iPhone.
If you have Webroot for 3 devices it does not include your iPhone because of what I just stated.
You can contact Support https://tel:18666124268 or submit a Support ticket if your subscription is questionable or if you need help. This is a free service with a Webroot subscription.
Hope this helps somewhat,
Kind Regards,
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Hello Again,
I'm so sorry I missed mentioning how to use the IOS Password Manager . Please look below. Do this after you install Secure Web Browser.
Specifically designed for iPad and iPhone devices, the Webroot SecureWeb browser protects you from phishing attacks and infected sites as you surf the web.
  • Open the App Store on your iOS device and search for "Webroot SecureWeb"
  • Tap Free, then tap Install to download the app.
  • Once installed, tap SecureWeb to launch the app.
  • We recommend using the SecureWeb browser whenever you browse, shop, or bank online. Enter a website address to begin browsing.
 Manage Passwords on your iOS devices
If you're a Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus or Internet Security Complete subscriber, you can use the SecureWeb browser to enter your saved passwords. If you don't use Internet Security Plus or Internet Security Complete, click here to upgrade
1. To use Password Manager, you will need a Webroot Account. If you already have a Webroot Account, skip to step 2. Otherwise click here for instructions.
2. Open the SecureWeb browser on your iOS device, and tap the key icon

3. Enter your Webroot Account credentials and tap Login.
4. Next, tap the key icon > Sites. 

5. Choose the saved site you want to visit.
6. Your login credentials are filled in automatically and securely.
If you have more questions then feel free to ask.
KInd Regards,
Thanks again
It was frustrating when it says protection for mobile
So I do have an infection I believe
If I go on my computer and plug in the iPhone
Then view the ten or so files
Each has pictures
But there is a repeated icon
It's a grey counsel with the windows emblem on it
It's in each file some files have it repeated 156 times and some don't have it at all
Can't delete any of them
A 844 number popped up and said to call them
They said ,my phone will crash in a couple hrs I called they said I need a repair which is
40 dollars
It sounded like India and wasn't sure if a scam
Maybe they put the bug in there and get u like that
Any way
I can't get that or those icons out
Thanks for your communications that do help
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Hello Brian,
This sure sounds like a Scam to me. Do not fall for this.
I'm sorry that you are experiencing these issues.
My advice would be to submit a Support Ticket so they can give you advice regarding your iPhone and your computer. If it was me I would wipe my phone but first back it up if you can.and then have Webroot check your computer.
I will ping our Mac threat Researcher @ to see what he can add to this post.
Kind Regards,.
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Hello BrianMatta,
It is very unlikely that your iphone is infected unless you are running a Jailbroken version of iOS.  If you feel that you are having issues with it then I suggest that your either restore it to a previous backup or reset it as to run it as a new phone.  If you are getting the messages when you plug it into your computer then it sounds like you may have something running on your computer that is alerting the message.  If it happens when plugging it in, then i suggest that you check to see if you are running the current version of Webroot and if it continues to submit a ticket to our support staff.  If you are running a Mac then they will alert me so that I personally will look at it for you.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.