How to add iPads to iMac?

  • 22 October 2014
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I just got a new iMac and Webroot was included can I add my iPad to it?

2 replies

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Hello Mark_A, welcome to the Webroot Community!
I am not a Mac user, so I do not know what is available on the Apple Store for which Apple device, perhaps @ can help with that part.
As to the other implied question as to if you can use Webroot on more than one device...  Did you purchase your Mac at Best Buy?  If so, I assume you received the Best Buy Subscription Software version of Webroot.  That would be a 3 device/user license, so as long as there is a download for Webroot available on that iPod you can indeed use the same subscription on it.
If you do not have the Best Buy Subscription as I am assuming, please let us know what version did come with your Mac and we will go from there.
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@ wrote:
I just got a new iMac and Webroot was included can I add my iPad to it?
Welcome Mark_A,
Welcome to the Community!
Please go to the Apple Store on your IPad and install Webroot SecureWeb. Depending on what version of WSA that you have
depends on if you can install Backup and Sync. You can also use Password Manager in Webroot SecureWeb.
Heres an KB article that you can look at for information! I have an IPAD and I use WebrootSecure Browser. Please have a look here and here
EDIT You can had WebrootSecure Web for free from the AppleStore to how ever many IPads that you have.
Please do let us know if you need more help and we will gladly assist!