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  • 8 June 2012
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So, I bought SecureAnywhere Complete 2012 for my iPad 2, and so far, I have yet to figure out:
1.  How to set up my iPad to lock or wipe the contents if needed.
2.  How to set up my iPad to locate it, if it is ever stolen.
3.  How I would wipe all the contents from it, if I were to sell it...
Unfortunately, the apps from the iPad store could use some better instructions on how to use them...

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4 replies

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Hey maelio,
Welcome to Webroot Community! Glad to have you here on the forums.
Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you...:( None of the three features you list are currently available in our iOS apps, SecureWeb and SecureSync. Right now, these features are exclusive to our Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete and Webroot Security and Antivirus Premier Android apps.
That being said, I think it's a great idea to implement lost device protection for iOS devices as it would provide an extra layer of protection, a feature that any iOS user would benefit from! This is why you should definitely submit this feature request to the Ideas Exchange section of the forum. This way, other users could see it, "kudo it" , and leave comments regarding what they think. That will give this idea both the exposure and attention it deserves!
Thanks for your post! Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.
Thanks, I will do that...
Unfortunately, the box containing the CD clearly says, "Protects your Android and Apple iOS device... Scans all apps and downloads... Locks and wipes your smartphone or tablet remotely if needed... Locates your smartphone or tablet if lost or stolen" (see table from CD box)...
No where does it say for Android only devices...
This was the reason I bought this software... To use it for my iPad...
Thanks for your reply... I will contact the customer service department to alert them of this false advertising...
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Hi maelio,
I'm sorry for the confusion. Upon inspecting the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete box in detail, I can definitely see how one could believe the aforementioned features were available on the iOS devices as well.
Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've relayed the message over to the proper department and we're looking into this internally to make sure that the future versions of our product boxes describe the features more clearly.
Thank you!
Hopefully, Webroot can keep me as a future customer...