• 26 March 2013
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I tried a few times using the key code that I used for my laptop sign up but it won't work on my IPad.  I've downloaded the
APP just fine.

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7 replies

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I do not see a MyWebroot Account attached to your subscription. Once you Create an Online Account, you will be able to use the Password Management functionality within the SecureWeb Browser and you will be able to sync your data cross-platform through the Backup & Sync app.
How can i create a log in account if it wont accept the keycode?
This program is garbage...would never buy it again.  I'll be calling tomorrow in an attempt to talk with a live person to cancel this subscription.
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The keycode seems to be working properly and should work when you Create a MyWebroot Account. I apologize if creating an account has been a frustrating process and please let me know if I can assist you further (if you are having trouble entering the correct keycode, I can send you a private message with the correct one) - here is the link for a refund as requested: Online Refund Request.
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Henry, in case you're missing it, "Create a MyWebroot Account" in Mike's post above links to the page at which you create the account. You don't create the account from the app itself. I hope this helps.
I got my account set up.  I was not understanding the security code portion of the sign up.  But how do I know if its loaded/working
on my IPad.  I downloaded the app.  But I did not see where I should enter my key code.  In the instructions it said to "OPEN" the app after it downloads and then it will propmt you to enter the key code.  That never happened.  I even deleted the app and started all over again.
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There is no keycode entry for Webroot SecureWeb.  If you are using Webroot Backup & Sync, it will ask for one when you initially set it up.  Based on what I'm hearing, you're probably using SecureWeb.

There is no Antivirus app for the iPad because Apple does not allow such apps on their store, as they are of the belief that there is no need for such apps due to the strict review process all apps go through to get onto the Apple store. So there is no Antivirus program always running on the iPad, which could be a possible misconception.

If you type "iPad" into our Ask Webroot support feature here:, it will provide all related information in terms of how to install the apps and what the apps do.