iPad3 mobile app log in problems

I installed the mobile app on my ipod touch and new ipad3.
The little key with the red x for login does not ever ever let me login.
I installed this on my ipod months ago and got so frustrated trying to login
i deleted the app.
I figued it was meant for ipad tyoe device. still i cannot log in.
i can go to my desktop pc and login just fine, what gives?

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Do you have a Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete account?
Yes I do.
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It seems that this portal account is associated with an expired Webroot Spysweeper with Antivirus keycode so that's more than likely the cause of your issue.
If you could send a PM to me with your latest keycode I can move this account over and get it reactivated for you.
 I sent you a PM, did you fix this for me yet, please?
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Hi Jack!
Thanks so much for your patience! We've updated your support ticket, please check your email when you get a chance and follow the link to your support ticket where you will find your new keycode with instructions on how to activate it.
You can use the free Webroot app on your mobile device, but in order to use the complete functions on your iPad3 mobile, you would need to upgrade to Webroot Secure Anywhere COMPLETE. You can contact our Sales Team at 1-866-612-4268, Monday through Friday, 7am-8pm, MT and Saturday and Sunday 7am-6pm MT. A sales rep will be happy to discuss all of the options we have with you.
Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help!
Thank you!
Thank you very much , georgeh !
I am once again a happy secureanywhere camper.
Currently, I can and  I am using the app.
I cannot log into my account by clicking the (key w/red x).
When clicking on the (red 😵 a box pops up,
"Log into SecureWeb"
Enter your Webroot SecureAnywhere
Complete account credential to access
Password Management.
User name:
When I enter my info (the same info I use to log into my SecureAnywhere Account
I get a "Login Failure", please enter your account credentials.
When I upgrade to SecureAnywhere Complete I can login then ??
thanks for the help.
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Hi Jack,
Excellent, that's great to hear! Upgrading to COMPLETE should resolve the issue. It may, however, be necessary to just creat a new portal account using a different email address. If you do decide to upgrade, let me know if you run into any issues and I'd be glad to help.
Hi I'm also having problems logging in on my iPad.
As background I successfully downloaded SecureAnywhere Mobile on my Android phone and set up an account, passwords etc etc.
I then downloaded the free app on my iPad, but it won't accept the login that works on my phone and my PC. There's a rex X above the key icon on the top bar. i appreciate that it's a free app but...... 
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You have come to the right place martin607!
Welcome to the Community ;)
1. I would like to clarify whether or not you are using SecureAnywhere Complete on your PC and for your Android. If so, please send me a private message with that keycode. The only subscription I see under your email and on your Online Account is for the free Android app.
2. If you do not have a SecureAnywhere Complete subscription, the "Password Management" toolbar and functionality on your iOS devices will not be available. That is a feature of our Complete package.
Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.
I started off by downloading the free Android app onto my new smartphone. I'm very pleased to have it. It did an initial scan and everything is OK.
Then I went onto my PC and found your website. My PC currently has protection with another company (sorry)
Third I thought I'd better do something on my iPad which is also new.  But the iPad version doesn't seem to have any functionality and I can't log in.
Incidentally is there a cheap package that could cover 1 PC, 1Smartphone and 1 iPad? I'd consider buying that when my current PC subscription expires.
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Hey martin607,
For a security package which includes mobile protection for your Android and Apple iOS you would need our SecureAnywhere Complete suite. Although we are implementing more functionality for Apple software, currently the Android apps provide more functionality and security than those available for Apple products. For your iOS devices you would be provided with SecureWeb for safe browsing and malicious site blocking as well as the option to use SecureSync to sync pictures, documents, and music with your PC. You can use the SecureWeb app as a standalone product but will not be able to login to the "Password Management". This feature is for our Complete users along with the SecureSync app.
As far as using another security service goes, there is no problem! I am confident after using our product on your mobile device and hearing our dedicated users speak about SecureAnywhere’s lightweight protection, you will want to make the upgrade regardless! Here is a free trial if you ever want to test it out. :D
You mentioned you may be interested after your current subscription runs out. I would encourage you to keep an eye out for great deals on our Compare Products page and keep yourself in the know about any updates on our Apple product protection in the meantime. The Community is a great place for that!
Thanks for the advice and the link to the free trial. I know the product has had good reviews for Android and that's why I chose it.
You're very dicreet not to ask what my existing suite on my PC is!  I won't mention names but I do find it a bit obtrusive e.g. it seems to challenge every email I get. so once the subscription expires it may well be over to Webroot for my PC too.
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Trust me, we're very familiar with peoples' thoughts about the Other Antivirus Programs out there. ;) 
We're working hard to be the least-intrusive, fastest, and just generally the best, and honestly, with both a free, no strings attached trial and a 70-day Money Back Guarantee, it's difficult to justify not trying it out.  Especially since we'll run alongside other security programs with no problem.  A lot of people don't wait until their current subscription runs out, since they don't see any reason to continue to subject themselves to the other stuff. 🙂
Well, I've now subscribed to the product but I'm still having problems with my smartphone and my iPad.
This page gives installation instructions for Android
But when I go to Google play on my phone it says: "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."
Just searching on webroot in the android market it only gives a link to "Security and Antivirus Premier" at an extra £11.99.
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Hey martin607,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will fix the installation link.
On Google Play, please search for SecureAnywhere Complete or Webroot Complete. You may need to push the button that allows you to view all search results. On your iOS device the apps are called SecureWeb and SecureSync.
The position is
1. Smartphone --
I checked under my current applications. It says I've got Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile version It doesn't say Complete at the end. How do I install the Complete version that I've just subscribed for?
Should I uninstall what I've got? What would I do next?
2. iPad3
As with the original poster Jack Webb above, I had previously downloaded the free SecureWeb on my iPad3. Even though I've now subscribed to SecureAnywhere Complete, I still cannot log in. I've got the key with the red x.  When I try to login to SecureWeb it rejects my username and password.  Can you override this for me please?
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Hey martin607,
Good news ;)
You made an Online Account with the free mobile app on your Android device. I have now associated your SecureAnywhere Complete subscription with that account! Now the credentials you are entering on your iOS device should work just fine. Remember that the apps are called SecureWeb and SecureSync.
Now that I have connected your account with the Complete subscription, please uninstall the free app from your Android and search for the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete app! Download it and enter your credentials and everything should run smoothly. :D
You can uninstall the free app from the Google Play store next to where it says "Update" it will say "Uninstall"
Thanks Mike,
I've now been able to log-in on both devices.