IPhone4s ISO 6.0.1 Unable to find installer

  • 19 January 2013
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Hi all new to Webroot...I am loving it so far!!
My question is that I attempting to install Webroot on my wifes IPhone4s ISO 6.0.1, when I go to add devies I get the link to download the app, their I see it but where it reads FREE its grayed out of course I cant install but the version to back up and sync that I was able to install with not problem? So is their a version of Webroot for ISO 6.0.1  Phone4s if so where can I get the installer?

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3 replies

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You can download the Webroot SecureWeb Browser for safer browsing on your device through iTunes. If you are a Complete customer, you can also use the Password Management functionality once you download this browser.
I did as suggested but no luck, so I took a snap shot....notice where it reads FREE its GREYED out?

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I have seen the install ability greyed out when it says "Installed" but not "Free".
Are other free apps displaying the same results?