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  • 1 March 2013
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I have been with webroot and just renewed. My issue is for the last month I have been trying to login on my phone and it says invalid login. I know 100% that I am typing in the correct information bc i can login in onto my account from the website for my computer and my phone. Please help me be able to use the application.

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5 replies

I cant even log into back up and sync
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Hello reener84 and welcome to the forums!
When you renewed, did you keep the same key code or did you purchase a new key code?  If you received a new key code, make sure you have added it into your account and that you are using the new correct key code on your mobile device.
Have you tried removing the software from the iOS device and reinstalling it?
If this does not help the issue, hopefully someone else will have more suggestions and you can also Submit a Trouble Ticket
Same keycode and I did uninstall and reinstalled so not sure what to do from here
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As I do not have an iOS device, I have to go for the fairly intuitive possibilities that I mentioned and you have already tried.  There is usually at least one Webroot Mod around during business hours, so hopefully they will have further ideas, but you can also submit a trouble ticket as well.
Have you double checked in your account that the iOS device is still listed under Mobile Devices?  If it isn't listed, it might have ended up in the Deactivated Device listings.  You would want to reactivate it in the Console.
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Hi Reener84,
Backup & Sync is only available for users of Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. I was able to look up your account info using the email address you signed up to the Community with, and you have a license for Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus. So, unfortunately Backup is not going to be available for you. If you intended to purchase Complete, our Sales Department will be able to assist you further. They can be reached at 866-612-4268.