No Keycode with Free Version of Back Up and Sync for iPhone

  • 1 February 2013
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Hi, I downloaded "Back up and Sync" from the "App Store" today.  I went to create an account for it but your protocol asks for a keycode which is not provided with this free software.  How does I create an account to sync my iPhone (4) with my laptop?

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5 replies

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Welcome to the Forums cboyce3!
Have you tried the key code for your paid computer product?  I am not positive that this would be the correct one to use, but the Android WSA Complete app uses the same key code as the PC product.
There was no other software purchased; so I have no other Webroot product with a keycode.  I just downloaded the free App for "Back Up and Sync" from the App Store for my cell phone.
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It would be my guess that the app is intended for use alongside a registered computer version of the software, to allow synching of data between phone and computer.  As such, it probably requires the key code from the computer software.
Again, I am not positive, but the Android WSA Complete is also free to download, but it uses the key code of the computer software.
Thanks for your insight. It makes sense. What doesn't make sense is having free apps that don't function.
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The free apps function just fine, when you have the computer software that they are intended to work with.  The free apps are not intended to be stand alone generally.