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  • 28 June 2013
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I cannot login when I use SecureWeb browser on my iPhone.

Best answer by JimM 20 July 2013, 20:02

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Are you able to log into the online console using the same password you're trying to use on the iPhone? 
Mobile devices sometimes have a tendency to want to capitalize the first letter of whatever you're typing, so that is something to consider.  If the first letter of your password isn't a capital letter, make sure it isn't trying to capitalize it for you.
Sometimes a password reset will take care of this issue, so please try that as well.
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Hi Jim,
I'm not sure that we are talking about the same issue.
My problem is that when I use SecureWeb to access on a website, then I cannot login on this website to my account.
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So you're saying you can log into SecureWeb, but the feature of logging into a saved site is not working?
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No, it's not using a saved login, it's using the login function of the site.
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It works in other mobile browsers? Please let me know the site you're having trouble with. You can private message it if you don't want to post it in this topic.
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Yes it works in Safari (default Webbrowser)
I'll send you a PM.
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Just so anyone else with a similar issue knows how to solve it, I'd like to share how we went about fixing the problem in this case.

The website Asklepios was using provided him with a default password that it made him use for the first time sign in. That password was what was saved into Webroot's password manager. Then, when he immediately changed the password, that new password wasn't picked up by Webroot. So what we did was go into the online console at and changed the password being stored by Webroot to the new one. Doing so solved the issue in this case. So if anyone is having a similar problem, give that a try! 🙂
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Wow... so simple it makes my head hurt LOL.  But.. being that simple also makes it very very very easy to miss what happened.. I was quite fully clueless!  Thanks for the follow up Jim!