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  • 11 April 2012
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I am a new customer to webroot.  So far I love the speed at which the product works. The one item I do have question is concerning the status of devices located on the status page.
The page shows 1 pc protected with 0 infected and 0 infected in the last 24 hours.  Under mobile security it shows 0 devices protected 0 devices needing attention and 0 devices infected.  That is my problem.  I downloaded and installed the two iOS apps per instructions and video. I can log into both items and the indication is as mentioned in the video.  The key thingy turning green etc......    but as I use the device the website still says 0 devices protected.
What I am doing in error or what have I missed?

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5 replies

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There is actually no such thing as real Antivirus for iOS (any at all, not just "not from us"), so iOS devices will not show up under Devices Protected, since that shows devices that have Antivirus capability.
Thank you for your quick reply. It is understood what you replied.  However, my question now becomes, what indicator do I (we) have to show that our iOS devices are being at least monitored for phishing and malware which does exist with iOS?
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Due to access limitations in the iOS framework itself, there's no way for anybody to make an app that will do things like monitor the email you get in other apps, or links in SMS, for example. So in all technicality, that kind of phishing can't be "monitored".

The solution to that is our Secure Browser. If you check web-mail through that, visit sites through that, everything is checked prior to visitation and malicious sites are blocked. Even if an email tries to sent you to instead of, we've got you actively covered there.
I can't log in. Keeps giving me error message
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Hi mcb014kir - What are you having trouble logging into? Are you having trouble logging into your My Webroot Account?
If so - You can Reset Your Password/Security Code