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  • 3 November 2012
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I have a question about the security capabilities of Webroot Mobile.
I'm sitting in a public area using my iPhone and all is well it seems. However, there is someone sitting a few feet away attempting to hack into my iPhone via Wifi and access my private information stored on the phone.
Does Webroot Mobile help protect my iPhone from this type of attack?
Does it allow me to encrypt that private information?

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Thanks for posting, Vince_C.
SecureWeb protects you from malicious websites, provides increased protection when entering form data on banking sites, and requests additional encryption levels from mobile sites if available. It does not protect you from the guy sitting next to you in the example you provided.
Having said that, here is some good news for you and a few tips! Try to use an encrypted wifi connection when possible, or you can use your data plan service when an encrypted wifi connection is not available. The level of security a wifi connection has is independent of anything you're running over that connection. The guy in your example would not be able to access your phone unless it was rooted, which would require quite a bit on your end and it would leave you open for attack. Otherwise, the iOS environment is heavily locked down by Apple and using encrypted connection adds another layer to your protection.
If there is not an encrypted wifi connection, or if that connection is weak, the guy trying to hack into your iPhone could potentially see what you are sending out. If you do not root your phone and use your data plan when an encrypted wifi connection is not available, you will be protected from this type of surveillance.