Trying to add my iPad and the app recognizing my username and password

  • 28 January 2015
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Trying to add my iPad. Installed the app and tried to sign in the Webroot and it is not recognizing my username and password. It does fine on my laptop.

1 reply

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Hello gabe9nine,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
May I ask if you are trying to sign into the Account Console from your iPad? 
Please take a look, at this KB Article on the subject, and this one if you require the added functionality. Here is the User Guide.
Make sure you have the correct version. (You can also look here for the correct version May I suggest using the Apple Store for these apps.
If you are having problems you can always Contact Support free of charge and they can help you too.
Would you get back to us if you have or haven't resolved this issue?
Kind Regards,