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  • 12 July 2012
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I just installed the complete version of Webroot and placed a keycode and ran an initial scan.  When I access my secure anywhere account, under PC security, it lists that I have not associated Webroot to any PCs. Similarly, I just download the iphone app on my phone. I can't seem to log in, using my email address as the user name, but I can log in to the Webroot Secure Anywhere account on the web. Also, is Webroot compatible on the Nook. Thanks for the help.

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Hey josetancuan!
I'm glad you joined the Community :D
Logging Into iOS Device:
I was not able to locate your account with the email address you registered on the Community with. Can you please Private Message me your keycode and any other email addresses your account might be registered under?
Click MikeR>Click "Send this user a private message"
PC Security Tab:
The PC may take a bit to reflect on your My Webroot Account. Try running a scan followed by logging out and in to the account and see if it updates successfully.
Mobile Security Tab:
You will not see the Mobile Security tab reflect installations on iOS devices because this is reserved for the AV portion of our software which currently only exists on Android devices. Please refer to this Knowledge Base Article for more information.
How do I add an iOS Device to the mobile security area of the online console?
Nook Compatibility:
Webroot does not officially support the Nook at this time. Here is an article you might be interested in regarding the possibility of others getting Webroot to work on the Nook. Keep in mind that it is not supported by Webroot at this time! Hope this helped 😉?