• 11 October 2012
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I looked but I decided this would be as good a place as any to ask about this (ya I visit a few forums and I know it can get annoying when threads are in the wrong place). 
     So, the webroot secure web app for mobile devices. How exactly does this work and make everything safer? Is it basically auto encrypt anything and everything sent over the web through forms? Does it encrypt every connection, and run further scans or security measures than using the mobile versions of chrome (which is what I have been using, but I am liking the webroot app)? If so what kind of encryption is it using for form data? If webroot is already running in the background is this just another extra layer of security then? Or is it basically just a mobile web browser since the main app should catch any thing that is unwanted or sneaky anyways? Security in layers is always a good thing though, thieves know they don't want to jump through 10 hoops to get your information when there are tons of people out there with only one hoop ;)

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Here is some Info on it till a Webroot staff member replies!  ;)
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Great questions Ambush. :D
The SecureWeb app makes sure you are visiting the sites you actually want to visit. It uses cloud technology to run location checks on websites before you visit them to make sure they are legiitimate and blocks them if they are not.
There are added layers of protection through the SecureWeb app because it makes sure you are being sent to the correct website instead of being routed to a malicious one. You can also use the Password Protection feature, if you have a subscription to Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete, which is another strong layer of protection that can keep malicious apps from being able to read what you are typing by filling the form in for you.
As far as the encryption goes, the website provider determines the certificate and encryption level of the sites you visit. The SecureWeb app always requests and enforces the higher level of encryption offered from the server where other browsers may not and the phone manufacturers may even recommend the phone to use the lower encryptions to increase performance and the speed of the browser/device.
Hope that helps. 😃