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  • 26 March 2012
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I downloaded the free app from the applestore... as soon as I access it, It asks for login name and password.... but I can not find how or where do I create one.... I went through the help and instructions...still can not find anywhere, how do I register, so that I can creat a login name and password....
I appreciate the free app..... only would love to be a bet more clear... I have not gone any farther than that....bc I have no idea how to log in

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3 replies

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Welcome to the Community Forums the duke!
In order to use the Secure Sync free application you need to make a portal account at
Please let me know what version of the software you are using and if this helps!
Do I need then to purchase the software upgrade Webroot anywhere to set an acct. to be able to sync?... I have the latest webroot essential for my pcs and have downloaded the 2 webroot apps ava. @ apple store...the webroot web.  and the webroot sync.  .. but if I need to go to the link you give appears to me to do so I would need to purchase the upgrade  right?... or can I get an acct. in there eventhough I havent bought the upgrade???>
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Sorry about the partial answer previously.
Officially the Webroot Sync app for the iOS is an extension of a Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete subscription.  Users who do not have SecureAnywhere Complete will not be able to use the app at all.  It's kind of like the way there is a Chase bank app, but you can't use that app without a Chase bank account.
Interesting though, since the iOS apps work slightly differently, it's potentially possible the App may work with a SecureAnywhere Essentials account, but it is not a supported functionality.
In either case, you would ned to have SecureAnywhere installed on your PC and create your account on the PC at before it can be logged into on the app.
As a minor note:  If  you are currently using Webroot Internet Security Essentials, then you should definitely update to SecureAnywhere Essentials.  We provide security as a service, so you don't buy the program, you buy the year of service and we upgrade the program that runs on your machine for free and regularly.  The newest free upgrade is to SecureAnywhere specifically, so anybody ho has the older version can get the newest and better version for free.