Activating Mobile App/Deleting User Account

  • 4 December 2012
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I recently renewed my WRSA Complete subscription and had to reinstall the mobile app onto my phone. During the activation process, I'm prompted to enter my email address, password, and Keycode. I input all of the correct info, but the system tells me that the "Login failed. The email or password you entered is incorrect".
At that moment, I remembered that I was previously directed to make a new user account from the web console to activate the product as a workaround a few months ago. I tried using that user account (again, with the right password/credentials), but the same error came back up. Will I have to make another user account to work around this again, and if so, how do I delete existing "users" from my account? There wasn't a clear way to do this in the "Manage Users" section of the web console.
Any direction on this is greatly appreciated!

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Hey mohdify!
Thanks for joining the Community. :D
I have made a change to your account on the back end that should allow you to use your username and password from the MyWebroot account. Please try with the Gmail address and the password associated with it and use the keycode I have sent you in a private message.
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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply!
I tried using that account again to activate the app, but it still gave me the same error message as before. I made sure all of the credentials were correct multiple times over. I then restarted my phone and tried again with no luck. Finally, I unistalled the app from my phone and then reinstalled it, but still no activation. Is there anything else you recommend that I try?
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Do you use the Yahoo or Gmail username when you are logging into your MyWebroot account? Please try using the Yahoo email address as your username on the mobile app.
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I used both accounts with no success.
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I have sent you a private message to clarify a few things and to troubleshoot further.
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Login / register to your Webroot online console at
If the "Backup & Sync" and "Passwords" sections says something like setup account; click on it to setup account and it should have the green checkmark on it upon completion.
Once this is done, try activating the app again from your Android device.
I just went through this after I inadvertently uninstalled rather than click update.  Had trouble re-activating, then a call to support said to activate the 2 modules above from the web console as newer versions were looking for it on activation...
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My post above may only apply to the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete app as I do not know if the other version would have the "Backup & Sync" and "Passwords" section showing on their online web console.
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It looks like the technician was able to remotely assist you and set up Password Management on your account. If you have any other questions you can use the same support ticket to write a response/question.