active attatkers on my phone

  • 7 May 2012
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I need Help! i have active attakers on my phone and pc they spread through wifi.  I can't do a scan on my phone without it stoping halfway through and then jumping to compleat. they have placed programs on my phone that kill any app they don't like when I try to run it.  My phone is an androin captivate rooted I switched from my infuse when I thougth thought root might help. It did for a while then they started playing hardball,  I can't turn up my ringtone volume so i miss call's, T they would not let me type in my compleat email address on the phone so I could  not log into these forums.
 please HELP

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Hey zz,
Sorry to hear you're having these mobile issues and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Based on your post, it looks there are various factors that can be causing the issues you're experiencing. The fact that the scan is stopping half way through is possibly an out-of-memory issue related to your SD card, similar to the one described on this other Community thread. However, even if that's the case, we cannot support a rooted device, partly because, the root itself could just as likely be causing the issue in the first place.
Also, it is highly unlikely that not being able to turn up ringtone volume is the cause of malware on your phone. This is simply not an area of interest for malware, which would much rather target your personal information and infect your apps. More likely, this is a hardware issue or something that may have been caused during the root.
You also mentioned that you could not log in to the Community forums from your phone. Were you finally able to do it or did you have to log in through a computer?
I'd like to point our again that, unfortunately, we cannot support a rooted device and I recommend contacting your service provider or phone manufacturer to perform a factory reset so we can continue to answer your questions and address any other issues if they come up.