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  • 16 February 2024
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New to Webroot;  I have 3 subscriptions (laptop/desktop/android) but when I log into my account, only 2 subscriptions are recorded.  I can do a scan on all 3.  I need to feel confident that I have coverage on all 3.  Where/How do I go to find this info.  Thanks.


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3 replies

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Hello @Hutch 


Yes for some reason Webroot removed the Mobile from the online console but if it’s activated and working on your Android then your fine! Now when your subscription starts to run out 30 days near the end of the sub Webroot will notify you to renew and when you do and if it’s the same keycode again your fine but if a new Keycode then you will have to enter on your 3 devices again.


This is the only info for Android at this time:


Look here down the page to see the latest version.


Here as well.


This is what mine looks like and working very well!


Click on picture to see full size!




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Wow...quick response...and yes, I, too, have that same image posted on my phone.  Thanks so much!

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Awesome and happy to help! 😎