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  • 8 July 2012
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How can i add a website manually to the list of websites to be blocked by Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile for Android?

Best answer by MikeR 9 July 2012, 19:14

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Hello ka_giroy,
Thank you for joining us here on the forum!
The standard and most efficient procedure for submitting items to be "Blacklisted" or "Whitelisted"  is to open a Support Ticket explaining why the site should be blocked. Please use this method for submitting files you wish to be "Whitelisted" or "Blacklisted" and in the future we may develop another method for submission here on the Community.
Thanks MikeR for replying. I cant see that option here in SecureAnywhere Mobile for Android. Is that only available in the Pro version?

I cant submit a support ticket to you about these websites because the websites I am going to block are legitimate websites. It is somehow a personal preference to block them and I want it only here in the device to take effect.

Or I should use parental control apps to do this?
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Of course ka_giroy,
I apologize that I did not see you specified it was about a mobile device. You can manually add websites to be blocked with SecureAnywhere Essentials and Complete on your PC but there is not a Web Threat Shield to do so on the mobile apps.
It is a good idea to use a perental control app like you suggested! 😃