Add basic phone??

  • 5 November 2014
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My phone is mobile but certainly isn't a 'smart' phone, just basic talk and text. Should ad? Why? What is to protect? Thanks, AA

2 replies

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Hello aaronsuleske,

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There are requirement in order to use the Webroot Android version,
As follows:
Webroot SecureAnywhere can be installed on an Android device with the following operating system:
Android operating system version 2.2 (Froyo) or higher
Android-compatible device with 3 MB of free storage space

Kindle Fire is supported.

Nook HD and HD+ are supported.

3G or 4G data connection is required for some features.
You can also go here for more information of Webroot Android.

Hope this helps to answer some of your question and if not please come back and we will certainly answer them!

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Hello aaronsuleske, welcome to the Webroot Community!
I am sorry, but you cannot add Webroot to a standard mobile phone.  At this time, Webroot Mobile protection is only available for Android and iOS devices.
For the 'not smart' phones, there really are no applications to provide protection, but there is also really no need.  Only smart phones have the vulnerabilities that make protection important.
EDIT  @ beat me to it!  Nice post Sherry!   🙂