Android 4.0: Commands appearing in notifications, Scream not working on HTC, Web Interface

  • 28 February 2012
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Testing SecureAnywhere on a HTC Sensation under Android 4.0. Following issues/questions:
1) Commands sent via web interface listed for everyone to see in notifications area. Any way to hide them?
2) Scream function is not working, might be OS/device specific?
3) While Lost Device Protection is turned on and i.e. Locate my device working fine, phone is still listed as "in need of attention", and how to fix icon reveals nothing. 
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3 replies

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1. I will present this as a feature request on your behalf.
2. I wonder if this might have to do with the issue presented in the next question.  If not, you may be correct about it being device-specific.  Please let me know if the answer in number 3 does not help in regards to this issue, so we can investigate further.
3. On the portal, when you click on "I need attention!" it will show some number of items that need attention.  There is a little question mark next to that.  Put your mouse over it and see what those items are.  If you are unaware of how to fix any of the items reported there, please let me know what those are so I can assist you further.
The problem with 3 is that the Issue alert says Lost Device Protection disabled, whereas the Status window and Mobile itself report Protection Enabled...Catch 22...
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Is the device rooted?  If so, we cannot support a rooted device.  If not, can you please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?  Please let us know how that changes your portal's mobile area, specifically in relation to Lost Device Protection and whether or not it's disabled.  Once you have reinstalled, you will still need to enable this feature on the phone first before doing anything with the phone on the portal.