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  • 17 January 2014
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trying to install Secure anywhere complete on android phone. I am using correct email address and password, and keycode. I am receiving an error. Account creation failed. Raw error. com.webroot. engine. license check failed due to invalid keycode. I am using keycode that was emailed to me. It does work on my pc.

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10 replies

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Hi mackjr
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
This has been raised before by some users and therefore I best point you at this Previous Post by @ , one of our senior/most experienced members, which hopefully will give you a number of things to try.  Read his post carefully as there are links to a number of other posts/knowledge base articles that also need to be read to see if they will help resolve this for.  If not, then as David says at the end of his will need to Open a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can get in touch and take it from there.
I am sure that between the suggested post & the Support Team we will be able to get you sorted.
HTH?  Either way do post back, and let us know how you are doing. ;)
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Status is the same. I have tried the keycode 2 dozen times andccan't get it to work. I installed the free version and got it registered with no problem
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Hello mackjr!
What version do you have installed on your PC?  WSA-AV, WSA-Internet Security Plus or WSA-Complete?
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Thank you for the reply!  I know that it can be a little confusing and frustrating at times, but have patience: I am sure we will get you up and going!
Let me give a couple of specific suggestions of things to double check, but if these do not work you may need to file a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support take a look.
Log into your Account Console using the same profile (email address) that you are trying to use on the mobile device.  Click your email address at the upper right corner and select Manage Users.
Look at the permissions for the user profile you are trying to use with the mobile device.  You MUST have Mobile and Passwords both set to Access.  If they are not, click the edit icon at the far right side of the profile line.  In the edit screen, click the Permissions tab and make the required adjustments.
Remove the Free version from the device and download this WSA-Complete Android download.  
Try to log in.
Again, if it is still not working, we may need to have Webroot Support take a look and give you a hand with this.
Please let us know how you are doing with it!
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Thank you for trying to help. I have already done as you have suggested as to checking my permissions. They were already set to access. I have tried  to uninstall the free version and reinstall the complete version 3 or 4 time, still the same. I  opened up a trouble ticket yesterday morning. I guess its because it's the week end, but I've had 1 reply from them since yesterday morning!!
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Ok, hopefully they will be with you again very soon.  Please do let us know once things are working what the problem was: I am always still learning and always happy to learn more so that I can do better at helping others!
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Will do!
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They got it fixed!!! I had to use my original key code from my first subscription of web root and it worked. Thanks again
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Thank you for letting us know!