AV-test: Malware Protection for Android - March 2012

  • 13 March 2012
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Hi all,
Av-test.org have issued test report for Android security suits. Please read at http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/android/ 
The detailed test report can be downloaded in a PDF format on the said page.
Even if WSA mobile ranks in the second best group (i.e. a detection rate between 90% and 65%), there is no reason to panic especially taking into consideration that products with the said detection rate are still very good and could move to the top range depending on changes to the tested malware set.
Well done Webroot and keep up the good work!
Thanks & regards,
EDIT: I have checked all the applications tested by av-test.org on Android market and it is unbelievable how very poor rated applications (in fact useless as regards the security provided) have however very high downloads! I was really shocked. So Webroot come on, come on ... You have everything in place to beat them all.

3 replies

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Tricky testing too.  On a cursory inspection, one of the families we ranked poorly in is "Not Always Malware" and when it is Malware, once it's installed it's utterly too late and the device has to be factory reset.  The downside is that there is no such thing as interdiction on the Android platform, so unless the APK for that family is downloaded and not told to install, most cases are intentional use, and the rest are Irrevocably Doomed™.
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We are on this. In our next release, we are including tech to catch these, and later on we will up that with even more tech to be able to catch up to the leader board, and surpass it. This is a big focus for us, so thanks for pushing us, we will meet the challenge.
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Thx djames for very encouraging post. I am really excited to see them coming up. I trust Webroot. You have all to accomplish your task, you have resources, tech gurus, strong background etc. etc. I even think that present release of WSA is almost the best, if not the best, but now it's time to spread a word between users and let get them acknowledge it as well.