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  • 6 July 2012
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How do I back up my phone contacts using my secure anywhere complete on my android? I am not sure which folder it is when I can backup files on my phone.

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3 replies

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Hey bunk,
Good question! There are going to be minor variations in the process depending on your phone, but the overall process is pretty much the same. On my Galaxy Nexus (which doesn't have an SD card), I go to my contacts, tap the Android menu button and  tap "import/export". You will then get a short list of options as to where to import or export (as I don't have an SD card, mine are "Import from storage", Export to storage", and "Share visible contacts). You will then tap "Export to storage" (or SD card) and should get a message telling you your contacts will be exported to something like "/mnt/sdcard/00001.vcf." Tap "OK".
Afterwards, go to your SecureSync app on your device, select your device by tapping it, and scroll down to find the aforementioned file. Then, hard press it and tap "Upload to server". Wait for the upload to finish (should be quick). You will then be able to download and view your contact list from your "MyWebroot" account in the "Magic Briefcase" under the "Backups" tab.
Let me know if you have any more questions!
That worked great, Thank you for the help!
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Hey bunk,
You're very welcome; glad that helped! If you have any more questions or issues, just post back here on the Community as we're always here to help!