Black Friday upgrade to Mobile Premiere

  • 29 November 2012
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I received an email invitation to upgrade. Did so, got my avtivation code, activated.  Now it keeps telling me my definitions are out of date, but will not  Fix This Now. Gives another eror telling me it cannot access servers since I am not connected to the internet. HELP. 

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3 replies

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Please open SecureAnywhere>tap Antivirus>tap Schedule>and then tap Force Definitions Update Now. Also, please make sure that your paid keycode is appearing correctly. To check this you can open SecureAnywhere>tap the Android menu button>and tap Register.
Please make sure it is showing the keycode I have sent you in a private message. If this does not resolve your issue, please uninstall the app and install the SecureAnywhere Complete app from the Google Play score and enter the keycode from your private message.
The error message you're receiving can also mean what it says.  A spotty cell signal or wi-fi connection can also be at fault.  It's worth switching from one connection type to the other and trying again to rule that out as well.
Tried the Force Definition route and received an " OutOfmemoryError processing def update" error. Key code is correct. Will try uninstall next. Thanks
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This thread contains more information on that problem.  Please take a look at my response towards the bottom of page 11 for the most recent information we have on this topic.
Edit: You'll notice that linked thread has now been updated with a resolution! 😃