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  • 18 March 2012
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i have selected to block calls from unknown numbers. however fhis blocks ALL calls. i do want my contacts to ring through and nit go to voice mail. how do i make that happen?

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"Block calls from unknown numbers" should -ONLY- block calls that come in with "Unknown" or "Blocked" as the caller ID, as opposed to having a phone number involved.  Since it is blocking all calls, this warrants more investigation. 
Things to look at first:
1: What model of phone is it and on what carrier?
2: Is the device rooted, and if so, does it have a custom ROM, and if so, which one?
3: What version of the Webroot app are you using? Free, Premium, or Complete, and what actual version is installed?  Also, please check on the market to ensure it is up to date if you are not certain.  The current version is
i have the current, free, version. my phone is a zte score on the cricket network. and i do not know how to tell if my phone is rooted.
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Generally, unless you intentionally rooted it yourself, or it has previously been in the possession of somebody who would have done so (as a service, for example), it is unlikely to be rooted.  The reason we ask about root is because certain root utilities can create the effect you are experiencing.  If we are blocked from successfully reading the information about the call, we will block it.  So any "privacy" apps that are meant to protect your phone from having other apps read the incoming calls successfully, or apps that revoke permissions, or if the phone itself is intentionally restricting permissions for similar reasons, can have the effect there.
When a call comes in, we are registered with the Android OS to receive information that equates to "A call is coming in from this number: ########".  We then make a decision whether to not react, or whether to forward it to Voicemail using our access to "directly call phone numbers".
The next important things to look at...
In the App, under Identity & Privacy, Call & SMS Blocking, then the "Block Log" at the bottom:  Does it list the phone number of the calls that were blocked, or does it list them as "Unknown" or "Blocked"?
When the person or people in question call you when the app is not set to block, does their phone number show up on the phone, or does that call show up as "Unknown" or "Blocked" or something similarly not-a-phone-number?
when calls come i, it shows the number before it.blocks it. i have no privicy my phone or anything to root it. under the block log it.shows everything as unknown
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Okay, that makes complete sense now.  This is one of those Good News, Bad News cases.
The fact that the phone is showing a phone number before the call is blocked means that the phone should be telling us this number so we can make the decision to not block the call. 
The fact that the Block Log is showing "Unknown" for all of the numbers means that though it -should- be telling us this number, it isn't.  We know our code is working properly, because this problem doesn't occur on other devices, so it's literally just not giving us the number.
The first possibility is that there is another app on the phone that is blocking the number from us.  The second possibility is that the device itself is designed to never give any app the number, so as to protect your privacy from "Evil Apps". 
In the first case, you would need to determine which app is causing the issue and remove it in order to have the functionality work.  In the second case, the phone itself prevents the functionality from working.
If you do not receive a lot of calls from blocked or "Unknown" numbers, then for the time being I recommend you turn off that specific setting.  Remember, it's not blocking "People who are not on your call list", but rather intended to block calls that come in with no caller ID.
We'll start taking a look into it more deeply from our end.  Obviously we have no idea what apps you have on the phone, so we can't really check into those, but we should hopefully be able to do more research on the device itself.  You might want to poke at the apps a bit, since you are able to install and uninstall them temporarily to test if you would like to.  This is really one of those cases where our app is being victimized in a way that we can't offer direct answers though.  We can't force it to give us the data.