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  • 3 December 2013
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   I recently upgraded my android phone to the premier version of WSAM. I'm tryiing to block a number that keeps calling me from area code 011... that's how it comes up on my phone anyways... but the number seems to be too long, or not in the correct format for webroot to block it.... the number shows in my call log as +011-866-4550723, but won't let me enter that through the call logs menu, or manually entering it into the block list.

Is there a special way I need to put that in to block it? Or can I only block 10 digit numbers?

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Hi gr1ll3d_ch33z - I apologize for the delay on this response.
This is a fraudulent phone number and they have hijacked another phone number's area code. Carriers are not able to block certain hijacked fraudulent numbers, but we are currently working on a method to block them. I do not have an e.t.a. for this update at this time but we are working on a solution.
To clarify, Webroot can block international phone numbers and they would need to include a country code. This particular number does not have a country code, and is using two countries' methods dialing internationally (+, 011).
You can try blocking 866.455.0723, but there is no guarantee that this will be successful.