Can't log in. Samsung Android phone. Mail/password error. Tried tips in forum.

  • 22 May 2012
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I'm very happy with my webroot secureanywhere complete in my PC, which detected and removed threats that no other antivirus could. However, I can't log in in my Samsung Android smartphone. There's always a Mail/password error massage, though they are right. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app (WR complete version) with no results. Would you please help me? Thanks.

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Mail/error message
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The account itself looks ok based on the information I'm looking at.
You may be running into one of the common character entry issues.  Please make sure one of the following issues isn't the problem in this case:
1. Your phone is auto-inputting your gmail email address into the account email address box when in fact your account with us is set up under a different email address.  In your case, it's Yahoo, but it might be putting the Gmail one in there.
2. Your phone may be automatically capitalizing the first letter of everything, including your password.  If your password starts with a lower case letter, that can be a problem.  Make sure when you enter that password that your shift key doesn't look like it's in use.
If neither of those issues seem to be the cause, please open a support ticket here.  Since this issue deals with information such as passwords and email addresses, it's best to address it in the ticket system where such data is safer.
Thank you. I've done as you said. Nonetheless another error message is displayed now: "License check failed due to invalid keycode".
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Please PM me the keycode you're trying to use.  You can start a PM to me by clicking here.
Edit: 5/23/12 - amadeusk sent me the keycode, and it appears this was an issue with a typo.
This should now be resolved.