Can't log into my droid device

  • 12 December 2012
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Hello, a little help will be appreciated. My WSA software on my phone was working ok this morning 12/12/2012, I logged into my account thru my pc, no problem, there it tells me I have a problem in my mobile device, I tried to log into my phone and keep on getting a message that reads: "ERROR: login failed.
The E-mail or password you entered is incorrect", I am using the same e-mail and password that I used to log into my pc account and still not working. any ideas on what could be wrong?
PS. I also entered both the OLD and NEW full code just to make sure. and nothing. Any advice will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Hi Charlie,
I'm going to dig into this issue a little deeper on our side and circle back around with you tomorrow to see if we can come up with a solution for you.  If it was working just fine before and suddenly quit, this doesn't sound like a typical login issue.  I'll find out what I can and most likely private message you tomorrow to retrieve some account details.  Hang in there, and we'll talk more tomorrow, after I've had a chance to confirm a few things.
Thanks Jim, I appreciate that. Forgot to mention that today before the  droid started acting up I did change/reset my password via my PC, I did try to log in with the new password on my phone, and both the new and old keys, and didn't work, I also used the e-mail address that's registered with you guys.  I can log in just fine from my PC.
Also while you are at it, please tell me how to find out how many PC/Laptops I can install the software too,
thanks a lot, I appreciate the effort.
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You have a 5-seat license, so you can put it on up to 5 PC's/Laptops. Please see my private message for a couple of quick questions related to your keycodes.