Cannot activate Password Protection

  • 30 November 2015
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I am having a problem with Password Protection.
I have an alert saying there are items that require my attention
The message tels me Password Protection isTurned OFF and goes on to say Webroot needs my password.
I select the Fix This Now button
I enter my password on the pop-up screen.
After a while the Verifying password... wheel stops turning and I get a new screen inviting me to activate Lost Device "Protection including the message "Activate Device Administration on the next screen"
I select the Next button
I then get a screen that sets out all the warings about what activating adminsitrator will allow ...
I select activate and it takes me back to the start.
There is no indication that there is an issue with the activation but obviously there is.
I have a Galaxy S3 (GT-I9305) recently upgrated  to 4.4.4 and version of Webroot (Definition set 1196).
Can anyone help?

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