Common Mobile Topics - Please Read First!

  • 2 February 2012
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One of the strengths of a forum is that answers to questions don't go to one person. When a question is answered, the answer is there for all to see. The Search box at the upper right might just find your answer for you, so take a look at it if you have a question. This post will be updated with various Common Topics as a quick source of immediate information.
Turning the app off
Some people have expressed concern over the icon in the notification bar, or slowing down their device, or consuming battery. So let's address all three of these...
Because it is a security application, it would not be very effective if it were just turned off. So we don't let it turn off. If you do not wish to see the icon in the notification bar, you can go into the app, to the main screen, and press the menu button on the device. Tap the "General Settings" menu, then uncheck the only item: Persistent status. This will remove the status icon from the notification bar and only alert you when Something Happens.
On the line of slowing down the device, the app's impact is minimal (Literally along the lines of a fraction of a percent). When it is scanning, obviously it can have greater impact, but scans generally take under two minutes once per day at worst, so should not impact people.
Battery dying fast? Great news! It's not because of Webroot. When Webroot Mobile Security is idle, it uses no power resources. Operating systems work on a callback system, which means we sit there and do nothing until the Android OS itself tells us that there is something we need to do, like look at a call or SMS, or scan a new file it wrote. While it's critical for a security program to know when these things happen and check them, they don't happen that often, and when they do, we still use only a microfraction of the battery's power to look at them. The bad news is that this means something else is using up your battery, so you might want to look into that.
Paid versus Free
If you are unsure whether you want the paid version, please be sure to try the free version first. The Android Market allows refunds, but only if you go back into the Market to the same app and click "Uninstall and Refund" within 15 minutes of -the original installation-, not the first time you run it.
Trouble Uninstalling?
Please see this knowledgebase article.
This topic is read-only, but please feel free to start a topic if your question is not answered here or in another topic. Thanks!

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