compatibility of Lookout and Webroot SA Complete

  • 23 March 2012
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Lookout Free Antivirus preinstalled on my LG-C800 Android phone and I have Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.  I don't use Lookout as an active program, but would there be a problem running it?  I don't plan to do so but want to know.  My phone model uses  up battery fast, so I keep bluetooth off except when I use it.  The only app that runs all the time is the Webroot.

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Hi saintsatinstain,
Feel free to go ahead and run Webroot and Lookout simultaneously. Even if you're not planning to use the Lookout app, you can always test to double check. As far as I am aware, you should have no problem running both apps together. 
Post your findings right here on the community and please let us know if you have any more questions!
I'll activate the Lookout and report back probably next week.
I got a trial of the premium Lookout to test the full version.  There is a slight incompatibility in this meld; they both would sometimes freeze, but usually less than a minute.  There is no problem running the free version that comes preinstalled on my LG-C800 (the T-Mobile MyTouch).  I'll probably do as I do on my desktop, just run Webroot as the only real time security. 
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Hi saintsatinstain,
I am happy to hear that the Webroot is up and running properly (at least). Just as on your PC, Webroot is the only security you will need for full protection so don't worry about using it as your stand-alone security product on your MyTouch.
As far as the freezing issue is concerned, it could be  a memory/hardware issue as mobile devices simply don't have the RAM or processing power that PC's do; sometimes they "struggle" when multiple apps are running at the same time.
However, since the free app works just fine alongside Webroot, I think this is potentially a compatibility issue, as you suggested. Our app has an "execution shield" which scans any other app you attempt to run and I imagine that the premier version of Lookout has something similar integrated into their software. This would cause the two apps to conflict as both Webroot and Lookout would be scanning one another as a newly running process, which could cause the temporary "freeze" you are experiencing.
I assume that the free app comes with less features and likely doesn't have such a shield, which would explain why there is no freeze. Feel free to continue using the free Lookout along with Webroot and let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.
Hope that helps!
Thank you.  I intend to use the free, preinstalled version of Lookout.  Seems it has a good rep, both the free and the premium. My next Android will have fewer preinstalled apps; ti also has a bigger screen, it's bigger than the whole Android I have now.  I am looking into a second line on my carrier, and will use the second of the license coverage.  I'll do it if not too pricey.   If not I'll carry the present one as backup with the Webroot installed. 
I am new to smartphones.  I am used to hacking Windows, even Apple OSs as I have an ancient one, 1400cs, and a powerbook.  I am looking into whether or not I should root mine.
I guess I'm a paranoid, so to have the free Lookout offers some peace.  I do something similar on my XP Pro desktop, I run Threatfire, but it does coverage a bit different  from Webroot.  I did consider using another more traditional av, but my study found unneeded. I do run Threatfire free with no trouble on XP;
I am glad that Webroot bought Prevx and not some other company.  Both Webroot and Prevx seem perfectly simpatico.  Webroot added some value Prevx was lacking. Also I feel, know even, that even the XP native firewall is more than sufficient with Webroot.  I wish Webroot could buy Microsoft, but not the other way.  I know, I know it'd be like David buying Goliath.
I am mixing subjects. I apologize.