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  • 14 July 2012
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Hello...I just purchased the premium app and it's taking forever for the app to download, anyone else have this issue? I bought the brand new Galexy 3 phone so I know it's not the phone....

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2 replies

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Hey rframke,
1. Please try switching connections between 3G/4G to Wi-fi or vice versa.
2. Try a reboot on the device and see if the app will download after.
3. Are websites loading correctly and can you download other apps via the Google Play Store?
If you have tried switching connections and the internet seems to be working fine try rebooting the device.
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As a technical note here:
No app provided by any app store is ever downloaded faster or slower because of the app itself.  All of these apps come from the app store it was acquired from and only the size affects the duration of the download at a given speed.  If thee app is downloading slowly, or won't install, or anything similar, this is a fault of the device (Not usually) or the app store in question (Sometimes) or the network connection the device has at the time (Most of the time).
The app store won't even LIST the app if it can't send it to you and if the app won't be able to install.  However if the network connection is bad, it might get a partial copy and not install, or it may take a long time to download.
This applies to -ALL- apps equally, not just Webroot.  The only time this does not apply is if an app is bein downloaded from some place other than the Google Play Store or any other official multi-app location.