Downloaded SecureAnywhere App and it gives me a Error message

  • 3 April 2012
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I download the app several times and when I try to put in my email, password and keycode it gives me  error message saying email and password not correct. I use the same email and password when I created the account when I purchased the software. I go in to the desktop website it works. But here it don't seem to work.

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Hello jgzdog,
Welcome to our Community Forum!
Some Android devices turn the Shift or CAPS LOCK on by default at the beginning of a password entry. Please make sure that you are typing the case sensitive password correctly!
With your SecureAnywhere Complete subscription you will need to make sure that you have downloaded the SecureAnywhere Complete app. If you already have the correct app please try entering your old 'alpha-only' keycode along with your Online Account  email and password when prompted on your mobile device.
To find the older version of your keycode you will need to:
1.) Navigate to your Online Account
2.) Click on the drop down arrow next to your email address in the upper-right of the page
3.) Click "Manage Keycodes"
4.) Locate the all alpha keycode that your new alpha-numeric code was migrated from
5.) Enter this code when prompted by the SecureAnywhere Complete App from the Play Store
Please let me know if you have any more questions!
Thank you,
I checked my password and all caps were off and checked my email and it was correct. I put in the keycode that was there and it still gives me the same error.
When downloading the app would the email that on the phone is using Gmail and I created the account with yahoo. Would that affect the app?
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Hey jgzdog,
Thank you for that information, that would definitely affect it. The app gets the email from your phone, but it can guess wrong. You may need to delete that and put in the email that you registered on the computer and you should be all set! :D