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  • 18 January 2013
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I am getting an e mail / password mismatch when trying to install the complete mobile on a tablet. I recall when I installed it on my phone ;you needed to fix "something".  I have tried resetting my webroot password.   Please help so I can get my mobile and desktop id's all synced up. 

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4 replies

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Your account is associated properly. Please make sure your tablet is not auto-filling your email address (use your Aol address) and also use the keycode I have sent you in a private message.
Here is a helpful Knowledge Base Article that helps with login problems as well.
Login Failed - Email or Password is Incorrect
I am clearing the default google e mail and replacing with the one associated with my webroot accout.  I'm not seeing any private messgae posted for me when selectiin the envelope next to the user name. Only the welcome to the community note shows.
I would think that if the key code is incorrect it would indicate that rather than an em ail password mismatch but you would certainly know what error messares are passed for what.  .  Please tell me where to locate the private message you are referring to and I'll double check the keycode.
thanks mike.
Mike just tried it again this time it worked. Not sure what was / is different but install is complete. Thanks so much for the guidance.
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No problem, thank you for your patience. :D