error message: email password incorrect on Motorola Razr Maxx

  • 19 February 2013
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Phone was replaced and put in old simcard and lgged into google play for all apps.  Webroot secure mobile was downloaded as is what I have on laptop webrot secure anywhere.  tried logging in and failed.  logged into laptop and reset password and secure password.  tried again setting up on phone and it failed.  I deleted the mobile phone from the laptop login and still cant start over.  Webrot secureanywhere on laptop is version,  mobile webroot secure anywhere mobile is version

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4 replies

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Hi Damon808 and welcome to the forums!
All of the computer products are called Webroot SecureAnywhere, but it is what comes after that which can be important.  Is your box marked as: Antivirus, Internet Security Plus, or Complete?  You need to make sure you have the correct Android download for the computer version that you have.
Once you determine which version you have on the computer, login into your Account Portal, go to Mobile Security, and click Add A Device.  There is information and links there to help determine which version you need to download for your mobile device.
If you still need help, you can Submit a Trouble Ticket , or reply to this and most likely a Webroot moderator will see this tomorrow and help you in here. 
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Hey Damon808
Having the same trouble here, so frustrated. Had to replace my husbands Pantech Burst (screen broke/black). Got the same phone replacement. Put the old sim back in and reinstalled the secure anywhere complete app just as my Webroot console recommended. Also, I deleted mobile device that was on acct, thinking I could sign in on mobile and add it on again. This phone has another e-mail associated with it but, the last one did to and I was able to get it going and it worked great using my the Webroot acct login. Just boggled. Maybe my keycode is off somehow, or it will not let me in because I only have 30 days left on this keycode. Please help.
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Your online account was associated to an expired keycode. I have now associated it with your Complete subscription and you will be able to download the mobile 'Complete' app onto your devices by using the keycode and email address that I have sent you in a private message.