Error message logging in on cell phone

  • 13 October 2012
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I've installed SecureAnywhere complete on my Android phone. When I attempt to log in it says my e-mail address or password is incorrect. I can log into my account with the same information on my computer. Is there a solution to this problem?

Best answer by tataiboo 26 November 2012, 04:01

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12 replies

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Hey there Super-Cool! Welcome to the Webroot Community! Thanks for joining.
I looked up your information and found your subscription, but there is no "MyWebroot" account attached to your Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete keycode. Perhaps you used a different email address (than the one you used to register here on the Community) for your "MyWebroot" account, and it is likely attached to an old keycode. Can you please private message me the email address you use to log into your MyWebroot Account and I'll reference it in our system?
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Hey Super-Cool,
I have sent you a Private Message regarding how to open a support ticket. To check your Private Messages, just click the little envelope icon located next to your user name (right under the search bar).
I have the same problem to log in from my iPhone. What do I need to do?
I am able to login to webroot on my laptop with no problems.  The moment I use the same credentials on the android app it tells me my email and or password are incorrect.  I tried resetting my password and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing seems to help.  Please help!
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Welcome to the forum misty9904.
Please Send me a Private Message with the keycode to your most recent subscription. I think this issue can be resolved by simply associating the newest keycode to your existing MyWebroot Account.
Update: I have associated the new keycode and the issue should now be resolved.
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Thanks for joining the Community AgataZ.
Can you also Send me a Private Message with the email address and keycode associated with your account? I was not able to find your subscription using the same email address that you used for the forum.
I am having the same problem as the others. Would someone be able to help me?
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Thanks for joining the forum tataiboo!
You have not yet created a MyWebroot account. Once you create an account you will be able to log in to the mobile apps. Please create an account and use the keycode that I have sent you in a Private Message.
If I am mistaken and you have already created an account, there will be an associated email address, please Send this to me in a Private Message.
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I found your old subscription and have successfully associated your new keycode. Please let me know if you have any other questioons. 😃
I am having a similar problem.  If any admins are online and I can send you a private message with my key, etc to look into it, please reply or message me.
Update 11/26:
my old password unlocked my phone this morning.  I then sent my phone a "customize lock screen" message from my laptop... it locked my phone again and the old password unlocked it again.  Phone has been connected to home wifi signal the whole time.  I need the new password to log onto Webroot on my laptop though... and Google Maps still having errors finding my device...
So I will just try both passwords I guess.
Thanks to MikeR and KatB for getting back to me with helpful info, much appreciated!
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I have sent you a private message. Please respond with your email address and any keycodes that you have and I will investigate further. 😃
It's working now.  Thank you so much for your help!