Fix This Now NOT WORKING :(

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You can always submit the link to this discussion in your help ticket, and that will enable support to get up to speed quickly.
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Hi sassyd13 :D

I think if you copied and pasted a link to this thread, the support team would probably be able to see what is going on and what steps have already been tried, and that way you don't have to explain it again 😃.

Maybe something like: Hello, I am having an issue with Webroot SecureAnywhere on my tablet. I already posted about it in the forums here but they weren't able to help me. Thanks, [your name here].

Hope this helps,
Thank you all soo much but I don't want to explain anymore an spend what's left of the day trying to get it fixed 😞 days already a waste an I've wasted everyone's time here too 😞 wish the last update hadn't screwed it all up an since don't know what to dl next now I'm deleting it an just wanting to find something that isn't a headache or waste of time for thoroughly disappointed for I really did like webroot 😞 an soo appreciated you all taking time outta your day trying to help me :) 
I'm open to any recommendations 🙂
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Hello Sassyd13, Its difficult to have problems and I wasn't ignoring you or abandoning you...I didn't have cell service to assist you further.

Have a nice rest of the evening and holler again if you decide you want more help. As I'm sure a Support Ticket could resolve your problems in minutes.

So take a break and think about it...
Take Care Sassyd13
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My deepest apologies if I am repeating anything here...
EDIT: For future uninstalling help
Have you looked at this link?
Also, Webroot Mobile does not currently appear in Android Settings, Apps.  But you can find it by opening the Google Play app, andgo to My Apps.  The listing for the Mobile will have the option to Deactivate.  That should remove it and then you can re-install it.  (Try the instructions in the link first.)
I agree that a trouble ticket is the way to go... it looks like most things have been done that can be here.
Again my apologies for the lateness of the above... I had an email from the earlier @ to me, and I failed to read everything before replying.... UGH.  ;(