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  • 11 July 2012
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Hello everyone in need of help as you can see I forgot my password. Everytime I try to use the forgot password option it sends half a link  to correct the problem. I'm sure it's a quick fix I just need the right way to do it. Help me out. Thanks. 😉

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Hey ryder67,
Welcome to the Webroot Community!
It looks like what happened is that your "MyWebroot" account was never fully created and thus the password actually doesn't exist. The easiest way to get this resolved is to click the aforementioned link and follow the steps to create an account again. Just click the "Sign up now" box and fill in the required fields. *Remember to write down the password and security code as you'll need them both when signing into your account*
To locate your keycode within the app, open SecureAnywhere on your phone and tap "Subscription Active" towards the bottom of the home screen. If the app isn't opening or never fully installed due to the account issues and you can't see your keycode, let me know and I'll send it over to you in a private message.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.