Game app wants permission to be virus?

  • 8 June 2018
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See pic of company GameSir's list of permissions. They advertise access to thousands of games when you buy their Android game controller but they dont advertise that you have to give their app permission to basically be a virus for access to all their best game features. How is this legal? Consumer Affairs time? See pic


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Hello Remodeller,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
The permissions to me seem quite extreme. I would Submit a Support Ticket and ask them for their advice. This is a free service with a Webroot Subscription.
Also let me ping our Android Expert @ and see what she has to say about these permissions being granted.
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I agree, these permissions concern me.  Some of them can definitely be used for malicious purposes, like drawing over the screen, reading your contacts and deleting files from the SD card.  For some of these permissions, I can't imagine why a game controller app would need them, for example phone and calendar access.  I looked around at some similar apps and none asked for these permissions, though at least one requires rooting the device!
With a little research around the web, I'm guessing you're downloading this app from a website, not Google Play.  Whenever you download apps through a source other than Google Play, use extra caution.  
That being said, I didn't see any clear evidence of this app being malicious, but the information I'm getting may not be for the specific package you're installing since I don't know the file hash.
If it were me, I probably wouldn't install this app.  If I really wanted to use the controller and there wasn't a good alternative, I would do more research with the specific apk's file hash.  Without that, this is the best information I can give you.
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Thank you @! Much appreciated!:D