Getting Kindle Fire to scream

  • 12 October 2012
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I just downloaded Webroot on my son's Kindle Fire.  We are trying to use it like a remote alarm clock, so I need to be able to get it to scream.  When I log into the website and go to the page to make it scream, I get an error of
"We were unable to contact your device at this time.
Your device will receive the "scream" request the next time it checks in.
Please note that your device must be online to check in and receive the command."
It is connected to our Wifi so I don't understand why it won't work.  Any ideas?
Thank you

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Unfortunately, the scream feature does not work in a Kindle Fire currently because it doesn't have a phone number and can't receive the SMS command for the device action.
It's also not a device that is in your My Webroot account so it can't be given the "scream" command.
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It is interesting... I get to scream on my kindle fire just fine. It does take a while though but it works. 
Web always give me immediate error when trying to do scream or lock.  not sure why as it finally works after a while.
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Hey rHd,
This is because non-telephonic devices can still receive Lost Device Protection commands. However, it is not through our primary delivery method, which requiries telephonic features. Instead, we do it through a polling feature where the device receives the command the next time that it checks in online (usually within 30 minutes).
The MyWebroot Account may show that it cannot scream immediately with these non-telephonic devices, but it is still possible for the command to be sent through our secondary delivery method.
Hope that clears things up. 😉