• 15 October 2012
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Help I have a big problem! i cannot access my android!... I have deactivate webroot administrator and now i cannot access my handy... i have all password but i dont'undestand... i have also change mein passwords in the my account website but nothing...when open my handy he want one passwordit is egal ass of web and it funtion but after the phone always have one space for one passwordwhat????!!  i have also deleted my protection device in website but i cannot access my  handy...please help me...
my email recorded with webroot is: Email removed by Moderator for security purposes

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7 replies

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Hello VitoCassano,
Please reference this Knowledge Base Article that might help with your login issue.
Mobile - Login Failed
The device will recognize the last known password, so you may need to login with an older password that the device last checked in online with.
is possible he want old password but i don't remember  and i have change with module arrived in my email.... now the password is new but i cannot enter.... how i can now the old password?? very thanks
Mike help me please!!!
ich habe change y password an other time but nothing!!!
ok incredible.. i have remeber mmy old password and the phone is sblocked!! 
this is, in every case, one big fall in this antivirus program... i have deinstallated (with any difficulty...)
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Hey VitoCassano,
Are you seeing this screen when trying to login to your device?

How do you know you remembered your old password if it did not successfully unlock the device?
Can you please confirm that you no longer have access to the device through your My Webroot Account and that you have clicked the button below to remove it?