Help my Stupid X-husband

  • 25 October 2012
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Please some wonderful person slide me some Intel on how to get the unlock key/code for a phone that recently had its sim taken out only to be replaced and now this customer is locked out. He does not remember his code to unlock his device and is seriously harassing me to figure it out for him. I would install WR on my device but I dont think that would help too much. Somebody PLEASE HELP I don't like him when he gets like this. Thanks a million. Melody.

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6 replies

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Are you seeing a screen that looks like the screenshot below?

Thanks MikeR. No, on his phone I see a box for the code unlock input. Im on my phone. Is there a default code????
To clarify it just looks normal, now caution screen. It's a normal colorful screen on a galaxy 2 at&t (if that helps)
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I do apologize for your frustration.
This actually sounds like a SIM card lock from the device itself. Please read this Knowledge Base Article that explains the details on SIM card lock issues.
Locked Device on SIM Card Replacement
No* caution screen.
No worries MikeR...I am greatful and we have figured it out. I love the fact that you replied so quickly with some knowledgeable information. It's people like you that make it a better world to live in. So yay!!!! Thanks again.