How do I create an account for android app

  • 11 September 2022
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I downloaded the webroot app on my Google Pixel 4a(5G) running Andoird 13


I go to create an account but it wants a keycode to create an account. How do I get a keycode before creating an account.


Typically software works like this…


Create account → Purchase Product → Get keycode → Enter keycode → Activate product.


This app is asking me for what normally happens in step four but wants it in step one before I even have an account.


Where do I get this keycode to create an account? There are no instructions in the app.


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3 replies

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Hello @BlahBlah 


See here to see if it will give you some info?



Also: Purchase Product → Get keycode → Create account → Enter keycode → Activate product.


If you are a new user Create an Account here:


If you need more help Contact Webroot Support:



If you are a new user Create an Account here:


That link  isn’t helpful. When I visit it, its a login page, when I click the create account link it asks me what product I want (Computers or Servers or HIPAA). I don’t want any of those. I just want webroot on 1 Android device.


Why is it so hard to get this app on my phone? None of this makes any sense.

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I have mine setup and running. Maybe it’s best to contact Webroot support.