How do I download webroot for my Polaroid Tablet?

  • 28 December 2012
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I purchased 4 new Polaroid Tablets for my kids for Christmas. They are Polaroid PMID800 Tablets. I have been trying to purchase Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete for these tablets and 1 other laptop that has McAfee that is expiring this month. I currently have Webroot on my own laptop and love the service. I have spoken with your Sales Dept twice in the past 2 days as I cannot figure out how to download Webroot on the Tablets. They Tablets do not have the Google Playstore on them and when I spoke to sales they said I could download Webroot from that App but we don't have it.I called them back and they said to try downloading the playstore App and then downloading the free Webroot anitvirus. I tried that too but it won't let me download the playstore app because even though the Tablets are powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich they are not on the list of compatible tablets for Google Playstore at this time so I can't download it. Hope you can help, my kids are chomping at the bit to use these tablets but I don't dare let them until I can get an antivirus security system up and running on them. Thank you

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That's a tricky situation you've got there, but there might be a way to do what you're looking to do.  As you mentioned, Google Play doesn't come pre-loaded on that device.  There are two ways to go about dealing with this. 
One method is trying to obtain Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete for Mobile from any alternate store available on your device that carries it - Amazon for instance.  I'm not sure if you'll have Amazon on that tablet already or not, but if so, that would be the easiest way to do this.
The second way is a little trickier but still fairly straightforward and involves sideloading Google Play onto your device in order to obtain Webroot.  I tracked down a tutorial for you, but this is for a slightly older version of your tablet.  I can't be positive it will work so I have to disclaim, "use at your own risk."  It may take some additional online research to locate a method for getting Google Play onto your specific device, but there is probably a way.  Once you've got Google Play installed, Webroot should exist for you on the app store.  If you elect to go the sideloading route, please reply back and let us know if that linked helped you or not. 
If you can't seem to get Google Play onto the device, and you can't find Webroot in any of the alternate markets you have on the device, please let me know, and I'll see if there's anything else that can be done.