I have problems and errors logging in to my webroot account on my android device, please help!

  • 27 December 2014
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I am holding an Android device running version 4.4.4 KitKat. I just upgraded the firmware and the manufacturer service center wipe and reloaded my android device and all datas and apps gone, and I need to reinstall everything again. However, I would like to purchase and upgrade from Webroot Premier Edition to the Webroot Security - Complete Edition.

I already have a Webroot Premier account, and I am facing problems registering and logging in on my Android device.

I would like to upgrade from Webroot Premier Edition to Webroot Security - Complete Edition. Please kindly assist and advise how could I do that as I could not purchase on the Google Play store.

My Webroot Premier account's interface is difference from a normal account, which it does not have the option of "Manage Users" and "Manage Keycodes". Whenever I tried to login on my Android device, it prompted me errors and not able to proceed further. I do not wish to create another new email address account and would like to continue using my existing email address account, which is (edited for privacy security reasons)I am going to purchase the Security - Complete Edition, but could not do it on Google Play store and also could not login to my (editred for privacy security reasons)" account.

Please kindly assist and guide me as soon as possible. It is urgent as I will be traveling overseas tomorrow.

Please kindly assist to expediate.
Many thanks.

Best Regards,Moses Fan(Contact#:( https://tel:%2B6583180202

5 replies

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Hello ferraitm,
Welcome to the Community Forum,
Can you sign into gmail at all  mabe by changing your password or reinstalling you gmail account from your device. Making sure you have the updates to your programs to gmail/google.
May I ask if you can sign into your Account Console

Also what are these specific errors you are recieving from your device which may help us figure out what is happening?
My suggestions are you uninstall Webroot Premier form your device . Then clear your Cache . Restart your device. Try signing into the Google Play store from your device to see if you able to. Once you have paid for WSAC please follow these instructions to install WSAC. May I also add that WSAC is for 5 devices. Is that what you need?
If none of this helps then Please Contact Support free of charge with an active subscription. For upgrading Webroot you can call
Maybe one of our other expert gurus can help assist with what I may be missing here. Let me ping @  @ and see what they can advise.
Please get back to us and let us know how you are getting along.
Best Regards,
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Hello there!
Interesting problem!  I admit that I have never had the opportunity to log into the Console when the Android Premier was the only key code on the Account, so I do not know the behavior as you describe it.
Either way, however, once you have purchased the WSA-Complete license you will need the assisitance of Support.  They will need to move your email address from the existing Android Premier key code to the new Complete key code for you.  
So... the order, I think, will be to:
1) Purchase WSA-Complete
2) Do not install it on any devices yet, not until you have heard from Support
3) DO go ahead and add the Complete key code onto your Console
4) Submit a Trouble Ticket to have Support change the key code on your User Profile to the new Complete key code
5) Once Support has done this, go to the Console, Manage Users and edit your permissions to allow EVERYHING.
6) Install and activate WSA-Complete Mobile on your Android, and also on any other devices, PC's etc you have.
You can purchase your Complete license online here on Webroot's website.  Remember that Support works 24/7, but even if the entire process of getting everything done is not finished before you depart tomorrow,  you can finish everything from there.  Just keep either your existing Premier or the Free version installed on your Android until Support has things moved around.  
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Thank you David very much for picking this up for me!
I have already purchased the Premier Edition and have the product keys. However, several times I reset my android device and have to reinstall everything, and each time I reinstall Webroot Premier, it automatically generated a new product keys, so in my Webroot account, I have several console with new product keys.
My webroot account interface do not have "Manage Keycodes" & "Manage users", do not have the option to set access to admin as well, I believe this is block by the webroot admin personnel. Whenever I have reset my device and reinstalled webroot premier, Google Play store just shown a tick on the Premier Edition, and I just installed, and there's no additional charges for reinstalling, this is Google Play fault, not my fault. This time, I installed the free edition and then activate my actual purchased product keys, and it works and features same as Premier edition. I hope Webroot admin can unblock my webroot account back to normal, which I can manage users and keycodes and could set access to admin privilege as well. I wrote to webroot but no response and nothing done on their end.
Now, I require the Complete edition, and would like to upgrade from premier to complete, I know is a waste of paying the premier charges lately, and hope webroot can provide me some discount or alternative...and how could I obtain the Complete keycodes?
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For assistance in cleaning up the Console and the various key codes, for checking your Console to make sure it is working correctly, and for getting your user profile set to a new key code, you will need the assistance of Support for all of this.  Please submit the Trouble Ticket and work with Support in getting everything resolved.