I just loaded webroot onto my Samsung Galaxy note. Should I delete other security apps like TrustGo

  • 4 January 2015
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Does webroot play nice with other security apps like TrustGo which is on my phone.
Or am I better off deleting other security apps to avoid conflicts?

2 replies

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Hi eznelson
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That is a good question and to tell you the truth I suspect that the only way to find out will be to try them.  As far as I can tell TrustGo is a well regarded product that covers a wider range of features than the WSA for Mobile app from WSA, and so using WSA alone will not be a like for like replacement.
I would try both and see how they play...you can always unistall the one that you do not prefer/does not suit your needs once you have trialled them both.
EDIT: Perhaps one of our Android gurus @ or @ may be able to offer more of an insight? :D
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Hello enzelson,
May I also welcome you to the Community Forum,
Very interesting application TrustGo. I've installed it along side of WebrootSecure Anywhere Complete and when doing a scan with TrustGo, it knocked out Webroot. And therefore I restarted WSAC from the menu. Now maybe if I had TrustGo installed first then Webroot then that woudn't of happened.
TrustGo only has about 8.79MBs for the install.
So it looks like Baldrick is correct in saying you can run both if you like. To me I have WSAC and I will uninstall TrustGo for I don't need to take up more resources then I already have.
So it's totally up to you. I don't see a problem so far in running both.
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